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This is my blog to discuss all kinds of whiskey tater behavior.  I’m Wade Woodard, a long time whiskey geek, certified specialist of spirits, whiskey consumer advocate and even sometimes a tater.  I worked shortly in the industry as a Bourbon Evangelist, aka salesperson, for a Texas craft distiller, Garrison Brothers.  I’m currently involved with the Texas Whiskey Association as their Compliance Officer.  I have been a seminar speaker at Tales of the Cocktail as well as at other Whiskey festival events. At least one company with improperly labeled whiskey proclaimed me public enemy #1 and banned me from their facility.  I have been on forefront of a grassroots effort to educate all on the US federal labeling laws regarding spirits.  This blog will cover topics ranging from: blind tasting reviews, spirit experiments/projects, spirit labeling issues, food/cooking or just about anything else I feel like discussing.  It will avoid all politics and religions.

If I post any type of spirit review, it will be from a product bought in normal retail channel.  I will not review any samples provided for free from the producers or the media companies.  I will not be riding the free sample whiskey blogger circuit. Therefore I will be free to give independent reviews without worrying reviewing a honey sample or being cut off for negative reviews.

What exactly is a whiskey tater? It just a term to describe whiskey as their hobby and the silly things they do in pursuit of bottles of whiskey; mostly driven by fear of missing out, lack of knowledge or the need to post ‘impressive’ unopened bottles on social media. While not relegated to those new to whiskey drinking and collecting, “tater” activity tends to be strongest with that group..  The term’s origins mysterious but rumor is a secret Facebook whiskey group was involved.  Some whose opinions I don’t entirely distrust pointed out that the original person that coined the term Potato, later shortened to tater, was Patrick Luebbers.  The list has evolved over time with much input from the whiskey community.  And it’s a long list which will be discussed in future posts.

The complete list: Whiskey Tater Reasons

If you stumbled upon this site looking for some awesome potato recipes, here you go:  https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/12/the-food-lab-the-best-roast-potatoes-ever.html

11 thoughts on “About Tater-Talk”

  1. The only thing I can compare my excitement and anticipation to for this is when Diageo miraculously discovered barrels long forgotten but soon to be available in a series’s of limited releases!
    Jokes aside, this is setting the standard high for what 2018 has to offer. Looking forward this is an understatement!

  2. You get offered 1 million dollars to say “Whistlepig Black Prince is the best rye ever made”. What would your response be? Will you publicly shame all those who attempt to bribe you?

    1. It is not the best so I could not make that statement it is really good but I would three or four others that are better.

  3. If you are ever in upper PA, contact me. We have a couple of well stocked whiskey lovers up here and we would love to host you for a tasting.

  4. I love your, “Whiskey Tater Reason,” list. I am in a few FB groups and have always had soooo many of these in the back of my mind. Thanks for compiling.

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