Who am I?

I’m Wade Woodard – I’m a long-time whiskey geek, certified specialist of spirits, whiskey consumer advocate and even sometimes a tater.  I worked shortly in the industry as a Bourbon Evangelist, aka salesperson, for a Texas craft distiller, Garrison Brothers.  I have been a seminar speaker at Tales of the Cocktail with Fred Minnick as well as lead a vintage whiskey tasting event at the annual Houston Whiskey Social. At least one company with improperly labeled whiskey proclaimed me public enemy #1 and banned me from their facility.  I have been on forefront of a grassroots effort to educate all on the US federal labeling laws regarding spirits.  This blog will cover topics ranging from: blind tasting reviews, spirit experiments/projects, spirit labeling issues, cigars, food/cooking or just about anything else I feel like discussing.  It will avoid all politics and religions.